About our Platform

The Teaching School Hub Portal is the ONLY national platform for teaching schools and teaching school hubs . It brings together everything teaching schools and teaching school hubs need to create, deliver and promote CPD programmes. As well as providing a live communication channel for Teaching Schools and a single reference point for anyone seeking information regarding Teaching School Hubs.

The technology behind the platform was developed by Gavin Richards (In-Finity Solutions) a former Collaboration Lead for the Teaching Schools Council. Through this role he developed a 'Regional Collaboration Portal for Teaching Schools' throughout SW England - over 92% of Teaching Schools were at one point using the platform to promote their CPD and System Leader Support.

Much of this regional experience has been leveraged to develop a national platform for Teaching School Hubs. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration across the education sector. Through the Teaching School Hub Portal, each Teaching School Hub can now offer their support beyond their geographical area. By joining the Portal, each Teaching School Hub has the opportunity to build their profile and extend their reach beyonf theor local area.

Gavin is also the creator of the CPD Portal, a community sourced CPD platform for schools. He is also currently working on an exciting DfE School Improvement across the city of Plymouth. You can find out more about his company's collaboration projects here

The Power of Community and Collaboration

The Teaching School Hub Portal aims to 'join the dots' for organisations delivering and managing educational CPD and support. We provide a location based searchable national directory of Teaching School Hubs as well as a Teaching School Hub newsfeed and resources. Subscribers to the platform can use it to promote their organisation to an audience of over 10 000 users and growing. If you have an event you'd like to feature at a national level, add it to the 'Featured Hub CPD' area of the platform.

We also offer our own CPD Management platform (CPDPortal-PRO) which also integrates with the Teaching School Hub Portal. 

We also offer a range of solutions for teaching schools transitioning to Teaching School Hub status - Contact Us to find out more. 

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